As a young man Dale spent ten years working and traveling the world. During this time he delivered yachts, ran charter boats, and also worked in landscape construction at various locations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Canada.  

In 1993 Dale returned to Canada with a greatly developed artistic eye, a broad set of life skills and a multitude of experience.  As an avid reader and student of people and culture, his early travels helped to shape his vision for some of his now recognized work.

Dale settled in Victoria BC, and started a landscape design and build firm; and in between projects, he applied himself to his sculpture.  Over the years, he spent extended periods working and studying alongside the renowned late sculptor, John McCarthy, in his sculpture studio in France.  There, he learned how to model, cast and carve in a variety of medium, explore sculpture techniques and ideologies, and develop an artist’s perspective of life.

An award-winning sculptor Dale has exhibited his work in various shows and galleries across Canada.  Currently working with wood, steel, and stone, Dale utilizes both a subtractive and additive process, where the combined materials merge to form abstract sculptures that convey aspects of human experience in a rapidly changing world.  He views his work as a journey of discovery, a sharing of energy, and upon completion, a brief expression of our existence.

Dale continues his work as both a Studio Sculptor and a specialist in naturalistic rock and water features. This combination of interests has inspired a deep study of both nature and the human experience, which drives Dale's sculptural approach to the landscape features he creates and his knowledge and appreciation of nature into his sculpture.

You can see Dale's work by appointment.